Everything You Should Know About Bingo Cards

Bingo is usually played in spacious halls where several dozens of players can seat. To take part in this exciting game you won’t need too much: free time, bingo cards with numbers and a felt-tip pen. In classical variant of this game there are 24 fields with numbers (5 lines and 5 columns) and one empty square in the center of the bingo card. In the top part of every card there is a word “bingo” and every letter corresponds to one of the columns. The game is conducted with 75 balls.

British and Australian kinds of bingo differ from American version of this game. The main differences include: form of card, the amount of balls and figures that must be covered. Cards in Great Britain and Australia have rectangular shape. Squares with numbers are placed in three lines and nine columns. One line has no more than five numbers. If you want to play this exiting game with your friends you can organize a theme party, print empty bingo cards and put their anything you want instead of numbers. Such cards can be also used for bingo games on foreign language courses and make the process of studying more interesting.